Bangladeshi users wishing to use Jeetbuzz services are strongly advised to read the text below, as it talks about everything related to responsible gaming and how to prevent the development of gambling addiction. The official site is operated by Aurora Holdings N.V. with registration number 157258.


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The following definitions may be found in the Responsible Gaming Policy:

  • Account – an account belonging to a certain player thanks to which he can use all Jeetbuzz services;
  • Company – Aurora Holdings N.V. In addition, instead of the word company, there may be such meanings as “we”, “our”, or “us”;
  • Service – the website on which the text of the Responsible Gaming Policy is located;
  • You – any natural person using the Jeetbuzz services or any legal entity on behalf of which a natural person uses the services of the website.

Jeetbuzz Responsible Gambling

You may think that gambling is just entertainment and a way to get away from the daily routine, but some users suffer from a severe disease that is just related to gambling, the name of this disease is gambling addiction – a situation where the user can not live a day without gambling when he neglects his family, friends and makes rash actions that lead him to greater debt. In this regard, you need to be well-educated on the subject of responsible gambling before you start using the services of Jeetbuzz.

Jeetbuzz in its turn does not stay aside and does everything possible to help users who are beginning to develop or have already developed a gambling addiction. Such assistance can be expressed for example in self-exclusion, when the company at the request of the player restricts the last access to the website for a certain period.

But do not put all the reliability of the company as the main protector is yourself. You must realize your actions and understand when you need to stop and when you can play for fun.

Information and Contact

For adequate assistance, users can contact the company’s staff at any time, who are friendly and well-qualified.

At the moment there are the following ways to get help:

  • E-mail. Contact the company staff with an e-mail with the essence of your problem. Send an e-mail to the following address – [email protected];
  • Self-testing. To determine whether you have a game addiction, there is a self-test on this topic. Therefore, any user can pass the self-test and at the end of the test you will understand whether you have a game addiction or not;
  • Additional information. To prevent the development of addiction, players are strongly advised to use additional resources, such as sources where they can learn more about gaming addiction and ways to combat it.

Tips for preventing gambling addiction

To prevent the development of gambling addiction, there are certain tips that you will never encounter gambling addiction if you follow them closely. Players are strongly advised to familiarize themselves with the tips below before using Jeetbuzz services:

  • Lose a large amount of money? Don’t try to win it back at any cost. Often users are very upset when they go into debt and lose large sums of money. This encourages players to rash actions to recover the lost amount. But as practice shows, such users lose even more money;
  • Deposit limit. Setting a deposit limit is a very useful thing. For example, determine that per month or week, you can spend a certain amount. As soon as the limit is reached stop betting;
  • Time limit. Just like with the deposit limit, you can set a limit on the time that you can spend on gambling. For example, it can be 2-3 hours a day or even less. As soon as the time limit is reached stop playing and do something else;
  • Play in a good mood. Sit for gambling only in a good mood. Therefore, it is necessary to exclude the game when you are sad or when you are in a state of alcohol intoxication;
  • Distract yourself more often. Do not sit continuously for gambling. Take breaks, spend time with friends, family, or sports.

Protection of minors

There is a layer of the population that is highly susceptible to the development of gambling addiction – minors. This is because they are not yet fully aware of their actions and can make a lot of mistakes. That’s why Jeetbuzz services can be used only by people who are 18 years old or older. 

Parents are advised to download a special filter that blocks access to these types of sites. In addition, it is essential to talk to your children and prepare for how difficult it is to get rid of gaming addiction.

In any case, after registration, any user must pass verification, which will find out how old you are. If you are under 18, your account will be blocked immediately.

Self Exclusion

A valuable thing to do when you develop a gambling addiction is to self-exclude. This is when a user voluntarily contacts the staff and asks them to restrict their access to the website. 

To use self-exclusion contact Jeetbuzz staff at the following e-mail address – [email protected]. In your request, you should ask for self-exclusion and specify the period for which you will be banned from the website.

After self-exclusion, the user will not be able to use the website services and will not be allowed to create a new account.